Millennials and Leadership

I love it. “They’ve been dealt a bad hand” because they grew up in affluence, had helicopter parents and got participation trophies.

This as opposed to the previous generation who had parents of the Mad Men generation doing valium and 3 lunch martinis where of course gays and trans and women and minorities were oppressed and everyone lived beneath the very real possibility that nuclear weapons were going to wipe out planet earth,

As opposed to the previous generation that had the great depression and Hitler and Stalin

As opposed to the previous generation that fought the “war to end all wars”, which it didn’t

As oppose to the previous generation….

It’s the age of decay baby, and the millennials are crying that their parents over-performed and this has disabled them.

First it’s important to note that lots of millennials had bad parents of the old variety.

Second, every generation has been dealt a “bad hand through no fault of their own.” That’s what it means to be born into this world.

The points he makes about “gosh the kids got the dopamine agents before we knew what they were. How could we let that happen?!”

Welcome to progress. Change brings unintended consequences. Here are the ironic rewards of affluence. At the same time we wring our hands about “the digital divide” so we’ve got to fill the schools with devices or they’ll be left behind…”

Now you have to ask yourself what system of belief is not disrupted by any of this.

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