“Joe Rogan Experience #1006 – Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein”

55:30 Weinstein starts to get into it with Peterson on whether or not people should really be dabbling in the Biblical stories, why and why not.

Peterson (57:37) “I believe that the Bible is the documentation of the emergence of the idea of the divine individual. That’s essentially what it is. We have a very uneasy relationship with that collection of texts now because we read them as if they’re making claims about the objective nature of the world and those claims seem to be false from a scientific perspective. I don’t believe that those are the claims that were made to begin with so it’s a non-starter. I’ve been trying to lecture about the stories in Genesis in a manner that makes them accessible to atheists and many many atheists have been responding very positively to them.  I have people in my YouTube comments that are calling themselves Christian atheists. They understand this idea that has emerged in the West that consciousness is the mediator between chaos and order and the phenomena that generates experience and that you can think of that as a divine category of existence and I’ve been trying to delineate how the Biblical stories lay out the pathway by which the divine individual should manifest him or herself in time because that is what it is. ”

“Abraham is like the guy who’s been living in his mom’s basement. He goes out and it doesn’t go well at all…”

Weinstein’s theory of “literally false and metaphorically true is the category under which religious truth evolves. (1:02) The truth is encoded in these documents because they get carried along. The problem is that we should therefore expect the encoded metaphorical truths in these religious traditions to be morally right, but there’s nothing that actually says it will be morally right because there are metaphorical truths that might in fact be reprehensible but none the less effective. And so you’re right that the documents that contain these descriptions of things are full of things that are true in some sense that is not literal scientific truth nor was that their purpose, what isn’t true is that those things are inherently up to date….” And Peterson cuts him off (1:03:45)

  • 1:09: It is useful to represent a domain of chaos and order. This is such a high level abstraction it works in nearly every circumstance.
  • 1:20:00 The fact/wisdom distinction assumes that wisdom is grounded in fact but you can’t demonstrate that.
  • 1:21:30 He thinks if you know the facts clearly enough you’ll know how to act.

1:49:56 The biology of inequality and TV




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