Shitholes by James Schaap

I love this post.

My kvetch would be Genesis 5 where God looked down and saw that our violence and injustice turned his good earth into a shithole. He regretted making us. He then decided to try to fix it, or rather to flush it, which is what we do with shit. The flaw in his plan was his mercy.

the “shithole” comment was most grievous because the POTUS didn’t just comment on the shitholes, he associated the shitholes with people with an insinuation of contamination. Shitty people come from shitholes and we don’t what their kind in our nice clean country.

It might well be that the man who sat atop NYC on a golden throne is a germ-a-phobe. He washes his hands a lot. He insinuates that shithole places yield shithole people and he doesn’t want “their kind” in our country. I’d like to suggest as Jesus did that it’s not what goes into our mouth or what gets on our skin that makes us unclean, but what comes out of our mouth.

Back to Genesis. The flaw in God’s flushing plan was his mercy. He picked the least shitty person he could find on the planet, had him build a boat and rescued his family with a representative, reproductive sample of the innocent animal population. Hurrah!

He flushed, the world was cleansed, but the best man in the world brought the contamination into the newly cleansed earth and we made it a shithole once more, even your lovely Iowa.

The creator’s next plan was to make for himself a shitty nation and send his son among shitty people to become shit for them to make them clean.

He hears our shitty prayers, often the shittier the better like the publican in the temple. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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