Probably the most learned, fair yet critical Christian review of “12 rules” and JBP yet

There is a lot that this review gets right about JBP. It gets clear the deficiencies of his Christian profession from a conservative Christian perspective as well as the works righteousness of his program.

If there is anything the piece fails at it is the opportunity missiologically of this moment and I think perhaps the opportunity of the contribution for Peterson to contribute exegetically.

I realize that second point will raise the most questions because at least on my reading Peterson from a grammatical/historical perspective does get a lot of things wrong in his telling of scripture. He’s a complete novice in that discipline. I think he does help open up a symbolic interpretation of some passages which many from my tradition haven’t paid sufficient interest or intention to but there is perhaps more he is uncovering from a perspective of organic inspiration. I say perhaps because my thinking on this is way too new and immature.

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1 Response to Probably the most learned, fair yet critical Christian review of “12 rules” and JBP yet

  1. Maarten says:

    I very much appreciate you commenting on JPs biblical series; you chose very well to post YT videos on his series – they will be important to many people ! Many of JP’s messages are very important to me, and inspiring. He definitely will attract a lot of people to become interested in biblical stories and thinking. And it is good to see how you are being the most relevant commentator on these videos, explaining where his wording and way of explanation can be improved on, to come to a yet better understanding of (the relevance of) biblical stories. Thank you.

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