Alchemy and Magic in the conversations

Paul, I was watching one of your videos the other day and the guy you were speaking with made a really good point. All these various philosophers all seem capable of making their case in a convincing manner, which is what we see in Marxism’s acceptance;. But if you take more than a passing glance at Marxism and its fruit, it is such a bad system, it would have to be “sold” to people who really aren’t paying attention. It’s like a sign saying “this way to your death and destruction”. I wonder if all these convincing philosophers are all using “Alchemy”, (Grimoire). You can watch youtube interviews with top comic book and script writers talking about their expert use of “grimoire” in their scripts; so why not? I bring this up because I did confirm Hegel was an Alchemist; therefore the “dialectic” fits this theory, and that practice has been the biggest vehicle of placing strongholds in high places. 

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