The Woke are the Holiness Movement of the New Atheists

I wrote this for CRC-Voices responding to a Sacramentalist

This morning I was thinking about a possible video about wokeness and secularism. In my conversation with James Lindsay he observed that the woke split and are trying to destroy the old/new atheists like Sam Harris and Peter Boghossian. I found that a fascinating insight that I had never thought of because I’ve been focused on how the woke are trying to take over christian denominations. This issues aren’t really “the issues” they are pointing to, it is the utopian dynamic of needing to realize the kingdom right now. It is a holiness movement in many ways. It is susceptible to the self-righteous spirit that eventually fractures them and makes them unable to hold together. Part of this is how they must organize value hierarchies. Their hierarchies splinter along identity lines because they try to locate their identities in aspects that are too small to even organize a single human being much less the scope of humanity. They also fail because of what Miroslav Volf noted among the Communists which are a previous manifestation of them. There simply isn’t enough “head-room” in a secular world to realize a life that embodies their ideal so they must get totalitarian.

A sacramentalist by definition assumes another world where the bread connects us to a body seated in heaven. Humility is afforded by an embrace of the “not yet” but “is to come” that grace affords. This is also why there is no grace among the woke. No grace for the insufficiently woke today partly because there is only today and no tomorrow really. The Sacramentalist has implicit within their world a promised tomorrow of which the sacrament is a sign and a seal and a promise. Wokeness is a worldview crisis of secularism which is why so often in the church wokeness is a gateway drug to old style modernist liberalism. The Sacramentalist can at the table leverage grace and mercy because they know that they are not yet perfected and they themselves are in some ways like the sacrament. Even as the bread and wine connect them to their ideal that the point to at the right hand of the Father so to the partaker is connected to the perfected saint that they will one day be. The Sacramentalist looks around the table and recognizes this in others. The alcoholic not yet sober, the slave owner not yet liberated from slave-holding, the slave not yet liberated from slavery, the sinner (the most expansive term of the “missing the mark” hierarchy) not yet free of their sin. At the table the not-yet can be seen in connection with the “will be” which is exactly what a sacrament is.

The woke by virtue of their secularism are cut off from this. The Sacrament will destroy the utopian dreams and demands of the woke.

The woke will dismiss the Sacramentalist as someone who has compromised away the vision of whatever limited element of utopia they are demanding. The Sacramentalist believes that the blood of Jesus is sufficient for today. The woke eventually finds the blood of the insufficiently woke necessary to purchase their heaven on earth. If you (because of your worldview) must find heaven on earth you will always bring up hell, the hell of the blood shed of your enemies to purchase your heaven. pvk

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1 Response to The Woke are the Holiness Movement of the New Atheists

  1. This is good insight, but you are confusing the woke with the faux-woke. The truly woke don’t take on labels if at all possible. But I think you have a point here.

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