My body my right, nah…

“my body my rights” is a stupid slogan. Consider this.
A fetus is less “your body” than your foot. Your foot is 100% your DNA. A fetus is not.

Do you have the right to rid your body of your foot for whatever reason? You could try to do it on your own without letting anyone know. This illustrates that this isn’t just about what I do with my body, it’s about demanding the medical community assist me with what I want to do with my body.

Tell your doctor you’d like to have your left foot removed and you need not justify that decision to her. It’s your foot, your body, your right. No doctor would assist you. In fact the law prevents the doctor from assisting you. If you would continue to insist you’d like be assumed to be mentally ill.

A legitimate, legal reason for removing your foot would be if for some reason like gangrene your foot endangers the survival of your body. The medical community would spring into action to remove your foot.

None of us have any legal right to remove any significant living part of our body unless that part threatens us in an profound way. I often see people with lumps, tags, growths, etc. that are annoying and unflattering that doctors could remove but don’t because of the risk/reward. What does this say about abortion?


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