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Why I Think the Union of CRHM and CRWM Means the End of the “Home Missions” Era

In Like A Lamb While the big spat over “All One Body” got all the drama at #crcsynod 2015 the big news was really the consolidation of Home Missions and World Missions (“don’t say the m-word”) and then the consolidation … Continue reading

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SPACT Final Report First Impressions

SPACT The Strategic Planning and Adaptive Change Team has completed their work and has offered their final report. If you’ve never heard of this initiative don’t feel bad. The website is a better place to start than the final report and … Continue reading

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Option 4, Draft A for the July 15 Deadline for TFRSC

The Task Force Reviewing Structure and Culture asked Synod for input by July 15. The due date is approaching. They gave an email address for Synodical delegates: TFRSC@crcna.org and one for non-synodical delegates: TFRSC2014@crcna.org. The writing I’ve been doing on the subject has … Continue reading

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Why We Need To Figure Out What Pieces to Keep and What Pieces to Give Away

Fears Expressed About Releasing Centralized Ownership When I suggest that we should consider spinning off agencies and sending out organizations I people sometimes privately express to me their fears of why we should “keep” these agencies or schools. Calvin College … Continue reading

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A Follow Up on Prioritizing the Sending of Agencies

I received some good feedback on my sending of agencies post. Wendy in the comments noted three agencies World Renew has launched. Communities First Partners Worldwide Food Resource Bank I was only familiar with the first. Another commenter in another … Continue reading

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