Tom Holland Delingpod Timestamps

  • “Christianity as the world’s most revolutionary force”
  • 2:00 Is the Bible boring or amazing?
  • Can’t rely on kids knowing Bible stories
  • Christianity has so saturated the West, water in the goldfish bowl
  • 4:20 Bible and Christianity a dull subject
  • the OT was vastly more fun that the new, more battles
  • NT seemed slightly dreary
  • 5:00 Jesus doesn’t fight back, Revelation or bust

  • Jesus wouldn’t be picked first to fight at Troy
  • 5:45 What is astonishing about Jesus, he suffers torture fitted for slaves is identified as the one God and ended up worshiped as a God for billions of people living in places they’d never heard of. How does he end up with this astonishing status?
  • What’s the appeal of someone who is a brave wimp? “a bit of a commie”
  • TH: muscular Jesus in early Roman portrayals
  • Jesus in South Park
  • 8:40 Marshall prowess was celebrated, willing to humiliate yourself…
  • Structure of the book Dominion
  • 10:  Nietzsche hated Christian ethics
  • 12:15 No one TH read made him feel more Christian than Nietzsche
  • 13: Fascism is an attempt to go back to a Pre-Christian period.
  • Fascism is a very futurist process
  • Hitler’s goal to destroy Christianity. Has to subordinated to the ancient/modern.
  • 14:20 The Islamic State
  • Modern crucifixion and how it impacted TH
  • The cross is the most single recognized symbol the world has ever devised
  • The cross symbolizes the triumph of the weak over empire
  • The most potent myth humanity has ever devised
  • To be in a world without it was utterly terrifying.
  • strongly influential in writing this book
  • Xianity ultimately, molten core, the myth of the cross and resurrection
  • 18 a world without that would be utlimately terrifying
  • Apostle Paul recognizes it is a scandal, The most shocking symbol. Nietzsche hates and fears it.
  • 18:30 No other tempering forces? Of course
  • Eusebius
  • 20 Jewish civilization: poles: the idea that this one God is the God of Israel, the other pole: he’s the God of heaven and earth, the universal God. vs. the Talmud
  • 21 Persia, polarity, moralizes everything you do
  • 21:45 Conscience Stoics Alexandria, Jews become Helenized
  • Stoicism, divine is manifest within everything
  • “the spark of the divine”
  • Paul. The covenant between Israel is no longer necessary, a new covenant
  • 23:18 “you discover the knowledge in your heart and the law of God is written on your heart” conscience
  • In Xian civilization law isn’t written like it in Hebrew Scripture and Islamic Scripture, potential for change
  • Roman law
  • 25:40 by the 11th century the idea that the whole society can be baptized. Everything in society can be improved. Before they thought all change was bad. In the 11th century that idea changed. The same impulses reverberate.
  • Evolution built into Christianity, Is that why Islam doesn’t have it?
  • 27: The Christian notion that there is something called a religion exists.
  • The concept of religion is a distinctive notion bread from Christian assumptions
  • 28:45 Augustine, City of Man and City of God, Saeculum
  • You need to bind yourself to God, religio
  • In the Xian period religio are those who particularly bind themselves to God
  • religio and saeculum gets institutionalized. 11th century The church separates the orders, institutionalizes the ideas between those two orders
  • 31:30 Protestant Reformation
  • Religion has two meanings: your personal relationship to God and something that can be defined against the secular
  • British empire taking India. The British have to name the religions of other people.
  • 33 Christians construct the idea of world religions and Christianity is the prototype.
  • Imposed this model of religion across the world
  • 34 Christianization advances in two ways. Through conversion, but also through secularization. In convincing societies there is something called the secular. It did convert India to secularism.
  • 35:30 Richard Dawkins
  • 37: The story vs the accretions? JD
  • The most challenging literary gig you can imagine. He’s got to be convincing over the span of the world and 4 people did it.

Imagine you’ve got to write a story in which for the first time somebody who suffers the excruciating death of a slave is going to be cast as being in some way part of the creator God who’s fashioned everything AND he’s got to be convincing not just to people now, but for 2000 years and across the whole span of the world. It’s a really astonishing thing to have pulled off as a literary feat and that four people did it is amazing.


  • 39 Paul clearly thinks that Jesus rose from the dead.
  • the early centuries are an attempt to understand this
  • 40 What to do with people who disagree with you. Burn them?
  • What you do with people who don’t want your message of love and brotherhood?
  • 41:30 the more powerful the church becomes the more they realize this problem
  • You can bully and persecute people for not loving enough
  • Through the revolutions: Russian revolution: you have to kill people to make them equal. Woke revolution. Great awakenings
  • What do you do with people who don’t agree with you?
  • People who see themselves as endowed with moral insight to overthrow corruption, the same central dynamic is played out and this comes right from the Christian past.
  • 44 Christianity is founded on paradox. CRoss is a symbol of life, this mani s a god.
  • IT’s a singularity
  • untease those leaves paradox a part of Christian civilization
  • A church raised on the idea that a slave was greater than powerful emperors
  • How do resolve the tension with Xianity became incredible powerful
  • 46 This has become an increasing source of anxiety and tension for people shot through with Christian values
  • That yearning for freedom is bred of the Xian idea. WEakness is the ultimate source of status and rank.
  • 47: JD likes the old school church (see his initial comments about boredom of Xianity)
  • 48: people who would like to go to church more often but want old school church…
  • 48:40 Ideological upheaval as in Prot. ref.
  • The prestige is attached to post-protestant Christianity.
  • Either you resist it or you kind of accommodation to it. No need to be a practicing Xian at all, just be a Social Democrat
  • Church has lost self-confidence, any sense of authority, speak with prophetic voices.
  • 51 Environmentalism, huge tension between environmentalism and humanism. They get conflated. Humanism is clearly Christian. Xianity w/o Christ. Environmentalism that humans are bad for the planet.
  • The idea that humans have special status will be overturned
  • Not much uptake from that
  • 54 The Nazis were fanatically green, very pagan and post-human
  • Conscious repudiation of image of God, the weak have any claim on the strong. The strong should do what they like.
  • It has allowed Christian morals and values to endure. The West is haunted by a subliminal understand of what happens when you get rid of it.
  • 55 WE no longer need the devil because we have Hitler. That explains the readiness of those who use Xian assumptions to level the charge of Nazi to those who disagree with them.
  • Nazi trope has coincided with the ongoing retreat of Xianity
  • And if people say “yeah and…”
  • If you don’t have the theological justification what recourse do you have?
  • 57: Christians being nasty on Twitter
  • Christians that don’t understand the basics of Christianity
  • The missionary zeal persists even if other aspects are absent
  • Dostoevsky Grand inquisitor
  • 1:00 Jesus keeps turning everything upside down,
  • Would want to meet Jesus
  • But the figure of Jesus is so remarkable reflected who the historical Jesus was
  • Soundbytes
  • 1:03 you have to explain why people thought what they thought
  • He never feels any need to tell them Jesus rose from the dead and is God.
  • Must be based on some sense unprecedented. People thought it pretty much from the beginning?
  • 1:04 Did it make you more Christian? JD
  • Dinosaurs
  • Realizing over the last 20 years that almost everything I believe and value is Christian, it doesn’t come from Greece and Rome.
  • Crucifixion in Iraq
  • Experienced it as a myth he felt to be true. have to count himself true
  • JD Mt. Athos and stayed in the monasteries.

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