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Can Denomination Be Helpful When Churches Are Dying Because We Don’t Understand What Church Is For?

The Wrong End of the Tree My friend Pete wrote a response to my last structure piece. He noted, and I agree, that these structure conversations are starting at the wrong end of the church. The crisis at the denominational … Continue reading

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Overture 18 on Adam and Eve, To Study or Not to Study is really NOT the Question

Overture 18 from Classis Wisconsin While the Banner gets all the sizzle the massive overture from Classis Wisconsin deserves the prize for most ambitious. The overture lays out the teachings not only of the Walhout who wrote  one of the scorned … Continue reading

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How will the Christian Reformed Denomination Shape Its Identity and Community?

What is a Denomination For? Most of the time we approach this question from above. We pursue meta-congregational unity because Jesus desired it in John 17 and our divisions betray the body of Christ. “Denomination” itself is a sort of … Continue reading

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Can Strong Leaders Develop, Rise and Stay in CRC Institutions?

  Modeling Leadership at CTS in the 80s I as a student at Calvin Seminary in the 80s was under observation. At CTS the educational track and ecclesiastical track were distinct yet the Seminary faculty was responsible for producing a “faculty recommendation” … Continue reading

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