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Liberation from Newbigin “Foolishness to the Greeks”

The relationship of the Christian understanding of freedom to that which has provided the central thrust of the Enlightenment must necessarily be a critical one. Seen from a biblical perspective, a human being is not and can never be autonomous. … Continue reading

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Why for the CRC the Local Option will not bring peace or unity but instead keep us from having the conversation we need to have about what marriage is for and Christian living in our marketplace world

Bob De Moor Suggests a Local Option would bring Peace and Unity Banner Editor Bob De Moor in his final editorial suggested that the “local option” might be a way to resolve the question of LGBTQ inclusion in the CRCNA. … Continue reading

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The Heretical Imperative

In The Heretical Imperative he has argued that the distinctive feature of this culture is that there is no generally acknowledged “plausibility structure,” 1 acceptance of which is normally taken for granted without argument, and dissent from which is regarded … Continue reading

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Can Denomination Be Helpful When Churches Are Dying Because We Don’t Understand What Church Is For?

The Wrong End of the Tree My friend Pete wrote a response to my last structure piece. He noted, and I agree, that these structure conversations are starting at the wrong end of the church. The crisis at the denominational … Continue reading

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