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Why We Need To Figure Out What Pieces to Keep and What Pieces to Give Away

Fears Expressed About Releasing Centralized Ownership When I suggest that we should consider spinning off agencies and sending out organizations I people sometimes privately express to me their fears of why we should “keep” these agencies or schools. Calvin College … Continue reading

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What If The CRC Prioritized Becoming a Sender of Ministry Agencies?

It is more blessed to give than to receive What if the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) is approaching its structural questions all wrong from a motivational perspective? What if instead of trying to employ our board assets to rejuvenate the … Continue reading

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Can A Revised Structure Address Current CRC Challenges?

Whose Structure For What End? Before Synod I was processing a lot of the structure material. You can find links to my ramblings on my Synod links pages. I’ve been busy since Synod doing my day job but I’ve also … Continue reading

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