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When He Speaks Your Name Your Self Won’t End in Decay

Knowing My Father My father passed away last year. Let’s imagine that right after my father’s death someone approached our family and said “I really want to know who Stan Vander Klay was. Would you give me permission to examine … Continue reading

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The re-evaluation of guilt as the necessary path to experience one's deliverance

I read this piece entitled Reformed-Masochism a few days ago and a conversation with a colleague reminded me of it. The article essentially notes that in his experience of Reformed communities a sermon, lesson, or presentation was evaluated based on … Continue reading

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Gospel vs. Religion

Repost Sept 25, 2006 A good illustration of what Keller means by “religion” is Earl Hickey in the TV sitcom “My Name is Earl”. Earl presents a very practical reduction of the notion of karma: “Do good things, good things … Continue reading

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