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When He Speaks Your Name Your Self Won’t End in Decay

Knowing My Father My father passed away last year. Let’s imagine that right after my father’s death someone approached our family and said “I really want to know who Stan Vander Klay was. Would you give me permission to examine … Continue reading

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Becoming Solid Selves in a Reactive Age

The Reactive Age The hot topic this week is Brendon Eich stepping down under pressure for his 2008 donations to the Pro-Prop 8 side. He had a chance to recant but did not.  While this event touches on lots of thing … Continue reading

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“The English Have No Use for God”

No, the English, who have no use for God, are the most decent people on earth. Why? Because they got rid of God. They got rid of God two hundred years ago and became extraordinarily decent to prove they didn’t … Continue reading

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“God is Dead” has no meaning in the Dyadic World

In this video from his speech to the national endowment of the humanities Walker Percy talks about the dyadic and the triadic modes of being in terms of understanding what science can and cannot address. There are no cats in this 50 … Continue reading

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