Splitting the RCA


“That the General Synod Council be instructed to immediately develop a plan for the orderly dissolution of the Reformed Church in America, for presentation to the classes for a vote no later than 1 March 2017, and that the activities of all boards, commissions, committees, units, and agencies, save for those required to fulfill contractual responsibilities or to provide support to the ministers, missionaries, and staff be suspended until such a vote is taken.”

This was the last motion I wrote for the 2016 General Synod of the Reformed Church in America. I wrote it Tuesday morning, in the final hours of the Synod, thinking that it would be an appropriate response to our debate about the report from the Special Council on Human Sexuality. I say that because we basically, as a Synod, showed the church and the world that we refused to have a common understanding of Scripture, worship, or polity; what is left for us to do together?

I say it even more because, in our session Monday night, the Synod rejected my penultimate motion:

“To declare that the General Synod of 2016, trusting in the sovereignty of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to work in and through all assemblies of the RCA, affirms the authority of every classis over the formation and care of all churches and ministers within its bounds, and the local authority of every consistory over the worship and life of the congregation entrusted by God to its care.”


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