Social Justice Wars Hit Google

Every prominent instance of journalism that proceeds with less than normal rigor when the subject touches on social justice feeds a growing national impulse to dismiss everything published about these subjects—even important, rigorous, accurate articles. Large swathes of the public now believe the mainstream media is more concerned with stigmatizing wrong-think and being politically correct than being accurate. The political fallout from this shift has been ruinous to lots of social-justice causes—causes that would thrive in an environment in which the public accepted the facts.


Jordan Peterson nothing that actually many sex differences get more pronounced in countries where gender equality is highers. Similar to what Scott Alexander notes.

This week in Google. Don’t bother talking about the data, enforce the dogma.

Jordan Peterson on how women often (wisely) decentralize their pursuits.

From the First things piece

Every society has overlapping strategies for legitimating hierarchies of wealth, power, and status. In the absence of aristocratic traditions, a meritocratic ideology has always played a role in the United States. But it has never been enough.

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