Melinda Selmys on Canadian Multicultural and her bland whiteness

If you listen to what people in the alt-Right are saying about themselves, it’s clear that the overwhelming driving force behind the movement is a feeling that the white American identity is being either erased, or at the very least marginalized, by the diversity movement. And if American multicultural training resembles what I got in Canada at all, then that is to some extent a valid concern.
The fact that whites are still a cultural majority, that while males still overwhelmingly hold power, and that white privilege continues to exist in nearly every facet of North American culture is not the issue: what the young men (and women) of the alt-Right are concerned about is not their objective position in society, but the validation of their cultural identity.

And that is valid. If the fundamental assertions of multiculturalism (that all cultures are essentially valuable and that a loss of cultural identity represents a traumatic blow) are true, then it really isn’t okay to teach kids that their culture is fundamentally violent, exploitative, bankrupt or functionally not a culture. The fact that white European cultures did, in fact, do exactly this to other cultures for hundreds of years doesn’t make turnabout fair-play. Yes, we have to be honest, realistic and repentant about the harm that has been done to minorities, and yes, we absolutely have to work towards equality and inclusion, but we have to find ways of doing this without sending the message that the celebration of diversity = hatred of white culture.

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