The Conversation Google Killed by William Saletan

What Damore didn’t grasp is that logic is no match for the social power of stereotypes. You can talk all day about curves, distributions, and outliers. But most people will absorb the stereotype, not the exceptions. That’s how stereotypes work: They simplify thought by categorizing things such as predators, trees, and the tribe next door. If you say Jews, on average, are wealthier than non-Jews, people will associate Jews with money. And when they meet someone who’s Jewish, they’ll start the relationship with that stereotype in mind.

Difference deniers see any claim of difference as an accusation of inferiority.

But just because you can talk about differences by sex, race, or ethnicity doesn’t mean you should. Part of intelligent cultural conservatism is understanding that the ideas passed down to us from the Enlightenment and the civil rights movement, such as treating people as individuals, are social institutions. They’re vulnerable to erosion, just as faith and family are. Charlottesville was a warning. If you go around spreading biological theories of sex, race, and attitude or aptitude, the culture of fairness can unravel.


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