James Fox Higgins flips on JBP

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3 Responses to James Fox Higgins flips on JBP

  1. Edward Freeman says:

    This Fox Higgins guy has always struck me as the type who blows in the breeze of whatever people on YouTube he’s just found. Obviously JBP is not flawless, though.

  2. Julian says:

    I came accross this guy several months ago and it sounded like he was listening to the wrong people. I’m not surprised he has taken this turn. You always make the point that rationality is a tool to make things fit into your system, well it Higgins is thinking within a certain tribe, it’s no surprise that he would be attracted to Vox’s rubbish.

  3. “Flips on JBP” is the language of idolatry. I don’t worship any man. I worship Jesus Christ alone. Below that, I seek and attempt to speak truth. Who do you guys worship? Is loyalty to men more important than your Christian commitment to not bear false witness?

    “Blowing in the breeze” and “Higgins is thinking within a certain tribe” are not arguments folks. I seek the truth. Make some arguments against the specific claims I make, and I’ll listen to them. You guys flick ad hominem and cliche in lieu of logic and reason. Try again. I’m a good listener when people decide to engage in genuine dialectic.

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