Change, Authority and the Information Age, Dreher, Skojec

Living By Noble Lies

Living By Noble Lies

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1 Response to Change, Authority and the Information Age, Dreher, Skojec

  1. Eric Mauro says:

    I loved that collection of stories! The reply about Girard gets to the right question and one I that comes from some of his adherents: when we abandon all satanic sacrifice, even those that keep culture alive, as we must or die —— what does that world look like? I make stained glass and I am struggling with this in a literal way. What does it look like?

    I would not criticize the work of another artist without seeing it in person, but I believe that art and architecture when it works best, transports us with rhythms of material into the blessed infinite, and light is the main metaphor for achieving that visually. Protestant churches have to be arranged and organized to achieve this without the descriptive images that Catholics can use but it still has to be attended to.

    Up to now, my own work has been too much on the side of an inside suggestion of these ideas without taking much risk. Lots of abstract art gets into churches in the same way… it just doesn’t say much so it’s not offensive to anyone. I’m glad they did an image at least, and that people are arguing about it because they may try new ways to see what the vision looks like.

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